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A Word Preciseness Using Ninny

Some notes on Syracusian Language groups (to be developed further...)

Syracuse has three main dialects, only two of which are mutually intelligible.

Those in rural areas speak a corrupted version of the original local language, which has been otherwise forgotten. Some elements in the vocabulary have been replaced with foreign words, due to refugee and immigrant influx in the lower class. The more educated speakers of Rural Syracusian also speak the Middle-Class Dialect.

The Middle Class, Merchants and Traders speak Middle-Class Syracusian, a blend of Rural Syracusian and Belsgradi - the trader's language of choice. Though many in the Middle Class also speak Rural Syracusian, it is traditional to conduct transactions in the Middle-Class dialect.

The last of these three is Aristocratic Syracusian, spoken by royalty and the extremely rich. This dialect shares much in common with Lifaelian, which is viewed as a high-class language, despite the country's adversarial position. Certain syntactic elements, however, have been held over from Middle-Class Syracusian.

Krisz speaks Rural fluently, Middle-Class without a discernible accent, some bits of Belsgradi, and - of course - the traditional language of Sorrow.

Gizi speaks Rural fluently, Middle-Class with a heavy accent, and only enough Aristocratic to get by. She can understand Belsgradi, but cannot speak it.
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Oooh, that's so cool!! Lemme see if I can figure out my characters--

Errol speaks Lifaelian fluently, Belsgradi like a student, broken Il-Tan, and *zero* Syracusian. He probably knows some Highalnd languages (like whatever they speak in Orrow), but I'm too tired to figure that out right now.

Nora speaks Lifaelian, Belsgradi, Il-Tan, and scattered Highland languages fluently, and Middle Syracusian with a strong accent.

I love what you've added to this universe!! ^______^